Sample making & or Product Development

Are you a designer?
Do you want to create your own look but need help?
Affordable Pricing.
Small jobs welcome.

Call me Jasmin at 813.323.2462
Let’s talk about your options.

Hiii guys Jasmi’nLove here I’m proud to tell you that the House of Love is now offering a new service, Sample Making Services for brands and designers needing a hand with sample making and or product development. I Developed a passion for fashion in 2012, by sewing with my grandmother as a young lady. Since then I’ve practiced pattern making, sample making, dress making and product development for womens everyday style and mens everyday style.I still have a ton of learning to do but I have come very far. Here now in 2022 I am now open to the public as a discretionary service.

Heartless Human

In just a few easy steps Let’s stitch your idea to life.

We’ll need 4 dates booked for planning, fabric shopping, and any future alterations. (Bring your own model)

1. Day 1, Deposit : $120
2. We’ll have to create a plan & create a pattern.
3. Fabric shopping (date/time)
4. Assemble (2-7 days)
5. First fitting (date/time) : Balance $___
6. Second fitting (date/time) : balance $___

Broken seam, popped zipper ?

Broken seam, popped zipper ?

Small repairs starting at $5

Stop In-store 11am-3pm, Sunday-Saturday

OR Purchase and text (813)323-2462 to set your appointment for faster service


heartless human tampa

University Square Mall

Suite 2228

Tampa, Florida

Mon - Thur, 11am - 7pm ,*closed 3pm-4pm Lunch
Fri & Sat, 11am-8:30pm
Sunday, 12pm -6pm

(813) 323-2462


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